The weeks and months following the birth of a baby are a time of incredible transformation in a family. This is true of experienced and new parents alike. In this time there can be much and joy, but also incredible challenges both in the shifting of family structure, changing roles and identities, healing from the physical aspects of pregnancy and birth and the incredible responsibility of caring for a small baby. Support and information during this time can be a deciding factor in determining quality of life for the whole family.

There are many ways that new families can be supported in this time. One incredibly helpful one is the support of a postpartum doula. Doulas are trained and experienced in providing information, logistic support, resources and care for new mothers, babies and the entire family.



In her support as a postpartum doula, Lisa provides companionship, compassionate listening, nourishing cooking and light household support, newborn care and soothing to help parents rest, practice self care and meet the needs that can be overlooked in the complexity of the first months (or beyond.) Postpartum support can be arranged during pregnancy to provide early support or later when families identify the need.

If you are interested in work with Lisa as a postpartum doula, please email to arrange a consult.