Preparing for Midwifery Education

My decision to become a midwife was one made over the course of years. My work in birth over the past decade has in many small and large ways given me opportunities to reflect on my own journey as a person and present me with the question- What is it I hope to experience, contribute, and find in this life? Birth has given me the answers to many questions including this one. The path becomes clear- I am meant to serve people in the process of welcoming new life.


For a number of years I struggled with the path I would take into midwifery- The answer I came to again and again was the direct midwifery route. The ultimate clarity came when I contemplated what I wanted to do in my midwifery work… to continue to build community and care for families here in Rhode Island and provide more opportunity for out of hospital birth as an option.

The midwives that work here in our state are part of a legacy. They work tirelessly to support the value systems of families, care for the health of women and babies and transform the maternity care system form within. They have so deeply inspired me, worked beside me as families birthed… They are part of a circle I will be honored to enter.

Midwifery has always been an extension of human relationships. It means to be with woman. The systems of knowledge and experience that guide midwifery are just that- with women, their hearts, bodies, babies and families. 


In this model of care midwifery is embedded in culture, not an institution that stands as an authoritative system of knowledge but one that is owned by the community in which the midwife lives and works. This is community midwifery- the heart of the skills, knowledge and care that shepherds the safety of the birthing process and respects the autonomy and needs of the family.


I stand with humility and deep gratitude as the community in which I have gained wisdom supports me as I take my first steps on the path to becoming a community midwife. I promise you that the investment we have made in each other will create a world in which the sacred soul of humanity can be held in reverence from the very first moments of life. 


With all my heart- the light in me sees the light in you…



Many people have been asking me if they can contribute to my education. I am so grateful for the generous spirit that is helping me in this new adventure... You can donate with the Paypal button below or I accept soup, cups of tea or my favorite- a big squeeze. XO